Coppelion 13 and “disbanding”

25 Dec

Over the last season I’ve really gotten into fansubbing and will be continuing as a typesetter for WhyNot? and DameDesuYo, so this name is being permanently retired as I move into places where I might find someone that knows Japanese.

The ED for this ep is nice. Couldn’t make karaoke for it, since translation is completely out of my league.

I would have waited for Leopard-Raws’ higher quality raws, but there were apparently some problems and in short Ohys-Raws is the only available source right now.


Coppelion 12

19 Dec

Almost done with this.

Coppelion 11

12 Dec


Coppelion 10

4 Dec

Aoi pls

Sorry I’m late this time, had to go dance with fellow people who can’t dance for shit.

Also, this show is starting to have things that happen and not just things that kind of… are. That’s neat.

Coppelion 09

27 Nov

Fixed the font for the ED.

There were 2 whole signs to typeset this time, so that’s something I wouldn’t have been able to do 2 months ago. I can now claim to have learned something useful from this. Great success.

Coppelion 08

22 Nov

yay kfx

also I included the wrong font in the release so ED uses Arial lol

Coppelion 07

13 Nov

>sleep all day

>wake up

>realize coppelion raws are already out and hulu has the translation already

>still faster than HS

Coppelion 06

8 Nov

Didn’t have kfx lol

maybe later

has kanji tho

also minor typesetting improvements


30 Oct

I’ve read Commie’s interns page and messed around with karaoke subs. 6 will have kfx.

Coppelion 02

9 Oct

Today I figured out a way to rip the subtitles by myself. Not much else to say.